The Legends of Good Girl: Volume One


If you’ve ever had a dog, you’ll know how they can sometimes just go crazy, running around the house for no reason whatsoever. Well, perhaps the truth behind that is much bigger than you ever would have thought. Perhaps…

The Legends of Good Girl: Volume One

The Enemy

It was 1:32 in the morning when she sensed it. The danger. The great enemy. Puppy leapt to her feet in an instant. She’d heard stories of the enemy from her mother her whole life, all eight weeks. She’d listened wide-eyed to fantastic tales of her mother bravely battling the enemy, the dangerous enemy. Now it was her turn.

“What’s wrong, puppy?” Human Kylli asked from her position on the couch, rising up on one elbow.

Puppy ignored her. The humans had no idea the danger they faced. They were oblivious to it, even when it was staring them in the face. Only dogs could see it.

Puppy started wagging her tail. If the enemy thought she didn’t know it was there…she could still have the element of surprise. She hopped out of her basket and trotted off, pretending to be getting a drink of water. Human Kylli got there before she did.

“No water for you at night, puppy, you’ll have to pee.”

Puppy didn’t want water anyway. She walked slowly back to her basket, stalling for time. Where was it? It had to be close. She could smell it. Puppy stifled a gasp. There it was. Perched on her favorite toy. She pounced.

“This. House. Is. Protected.” She growled through the mouthful of stuffed pheasant. The coward had retreated inside her toy. She shook it fiercely, hoping to force it out. With a terrifying shriek, it burst out. Puppy dropped the toy and the chase began. It was a long and glorious chase. They ran through the living room, galloped through the kitchen, sprinted down the hallway, tore through the library, and circled back towards the kitchen.

“You can’t escape! Surrender now and I’ll let you leave this house unharmed.” Puppy barked furiously.

The enemy stopped. “No, you won’t.”

“No.” Puppy agreed.

The chase continued. They swung around a corner, heading straight towards the door. Puppy grinned. With the door closed, it was a dead end. The enemy came to a stop. There was nowhere to go.

“It’s over, enemy.” Puppy said. “You’re trapped.”

The enemy looked at her…and smiled. “I’m never trapped.”

And with that the enemy jumped up and perched on the doorknob.

Puppy leapt up, trying in vain to catch it. She didn’t realize what she was doing. You see, the humans of that particular house had a specific potty training method they liked to use. They hung bells on the doorknob and trained the dog to ring them when the dog wanted to go to the bathroom. Can you guess what Human Kylli, poor Human Kylli who’s been chasing her dog around for 20 minutes trying to get her to go back to sleep, thinks Puppy is doing?

“Oh, Puppy wants to go to the bathroom?”

“Nooo!” Puppy howled as the enemy, with a grin, disappeared into the night.

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Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it. I enjoyed writing it! Now a quote from one of my previous posts,

The Myth of Todd

Todd had gained untold fame among the cubs as The Guy That Woke Up A Hibernating Bear. (Todd was not later sure it was worth it, but there’s no sense worrying about the past, his mother told him)

(P.S. You may have noticed no explanation is given for why it’s called The Legend of Good Girl. That’s volume two.)

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