The Adventures of Chicky Chick: Volume Four


I took forever on this post. Woe is me. But, I did write it, although it should be noted that the events related in this Chicky Chick adventure happened quite a while ago in real life. (Actually, this Chicky Chick adventure is a combination of two real life events, with, as always, a heaping amount of creative license).

So here it is. A Chicky Chick story.

The Adventures of Chicky Chick: Volume Four

Chicky Chick vs The Hand

It was another unremarkable day. The chicks were conducting their usual routine of eat, drink, poop, sleep, repeat. The only interesting thing that had happened that day so far, was Fluff Fluff announcing that as she was now three weeks old, everyone must refer to her as either Miss Fluff, or Lady Fluff. Her sisters did not fancy the idea.

Chicky Chick sighed. She plopped her head on her sleeping sister in despair. (Which was a rather rude thing to do, as Chirp Chirp did not appreciate being woken up). She was. So. Bored. She wished desperately for something exciting to happen. Anything. Even the horror of The Hand coming down from the sky to grab one of them only to set them down a few minutes later would be better than this tiresome nothingness.

Chicky Chick was not aware of this, but her wish was about to be fulfilled.

The Hand appeared. The Hand started picking up the chicks one by one and taking them to- well, that’s the terrifying part. Chicky Chick didn’t know where.

The chicks were panicking.

“The end has come!” shrieked Bawk Bawk. “Run for your lives!” (Bawk Bawk took her own advice, although where she was running to in the small tub I can’t say).

Similar opinions were being voiced by the other chicks, only Chicky Chick and Chirp Chirp remained silent. Chirp Chirp because she was too stunned to say anything- not that she said much of anything when not stunned- and Chicky Chicky because she was thinking horrified that this was her fault, she’d wanted this, they were all going to die! That last part was a bit over the top in my opinion. But that’s just me.

The Hand reached down again and snatched up Fluff Fluff. I’m sad to say, the other chicks were not particularly sorry to see that particular sister go. Fluff Fluff’s parting words were, “It’s messing up my feeeeaaaathers!

One by one, The Terrible, Terrifying, Utterly Fear-inspiring Hand, swooped down on petrified chicks, until only Chicky Chick was left. With only seconds left, Chicky Chick made a choice. She would not run like her sisters had. It was useless. As The Hand loomed closer and closer, Chicky Chick stared bravely at impending doom. Then she flew straight up and pecked impending doom.

The Hand withdrew for a brief second before finally grabbing Chicky Chick. Chicky Chick fought the urge to chirp in terror. She would not give The Hand the satisfaction of knowing she was afraid- and, oh, she was very much afraid. She was so afraid, Chicky Chick forgot how brave she was being and thought herself a coward. She didn’t know how courageous she was. She thought courage was just another word for brave. No one had ever told her courage was being brave when you are afraid. It’s easy to be brave when you’re not afraid. It’s harder if you’re scared.

The Hand loosened its grip almost imperceptibly. (The Hand felt Chick Chick was behaving herself rather well. The Hand was about to revise that opinion). Chicky Chick saw her chance. It was now or never. Flapping her wings like she was on fire, Chick Chick, with one great leap, defied The Hand, and soared to freedom. Those few moments were the happiest moments of Chicky Chick’s short life. For a brief time, Chicky Chick was free. Free. She could go where she wanted, do what she wanted. (Chicky Chick did not yet realize that a free chicken is a not-fed-by-anyone-but-herself chicken. She had yet to realize what many animals already knew. They sacrificed their freedom for safety. Independence for regular food. Liberty for a comfortable bed…… All right, enough philosophy).

Chicky Chick would not need to truly make the choice between freedom and security for a while yet, for she was not, in fact, as free as she believed. The Hand snatched up Chicky Chick, depositing her in the midst of her sisters. Chicky Chick, once again, had lost her freedom before she had it. A sad twist of fate, that the chicken who longs most for freedom should have it ripped away from her so often and so cruely. Is Chicky Chick destined to live out her days trapped in this terrible prison? Will she ever escape? And if she does…..will she find that freedom is worth all the hardship that comes with it? Or will she, like so many of her kind before her, return willingly to her life of servitude. Time will tell…..hopefully. Time doesn’t always feel like chatting. Enough of this philosophical wondering. Back to, (in a deep voice) The Adventures of Chicky Chick!

Chicky Chick was heart-broken by the loss of her freedom. She could think of nothing but her lost freedom for several seconds, which in Chicken Time, is like many long minutes. At last she came to a conclusion. She may have come close to freedom several times only to lose it, but that, at least, was more than her seven sisters could say. They cared nothing for freedom. (This was not entirely true, but we cannot expect Chicky Chick to know what thoughts go on in Chirp Chirp’s mind). She, Chicky Chick was determined, she would not give up, not ever. Soon the whole world would know her name, Chicky Chick, the chicken who fought for, and won her freedom!

Done with her musings, Chicky Chick turned her attention to where she was. She was stunned by what she saw. They were in…….in… the biggest tub ever!!! At least in Chicky Chick’s mind. It was not a tub, The Hand would call it a playpen.

Chicky Chick gazed around in wonder. But then, all of a sudden, the ground moved! It was like the “tub” was being dragged somewhere… a second or so, they stopped moving. Chicky Chick thought she recognized where they were. They had been placed right where the old tub had been.

Chicky Chick’s sisters were chattering excitedly, but Chicky Chick simply stood in quiet contemplation. In the space of a few minutes, the day had been transformed from a boring and uneventful day, to a very, very, very, eventful day. Maybe…, Chicky Chick quickly dismissed the idea. It was an absurd thought. One she couldn’t put out of her mind. If The Hand had put them here, in this spacious tub, and, oh, a most daring thought had just occured to Chicky Chick, The Hand was responsible for giving them fresh food and water, and changing their bedding so they didn’t walk around in poop! (They did walk around in poop, but not as much as they would without The Hand’s interventions). Chicky Chick was shocked by her radical conclusion. The Hand was the chicks’ most feared enemy! The Hand had stolen her freedom time and time again! The notion that The Hand could be good, why- unfortunately, at that exact moment, Bawk Bawk, feeling the need to peck someone, fixed her beady eye on Chicky Chick and went into attack mode. Chicky Chick’s extraordinary discovery was forgotten in the skirmish that followed.

I leave the reader, once again, to contemplate this newest adventure of Chicky Chick’s.

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Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it.

Now for a quote from one of my previous posts,

The Mournful Demise of Ben the Raccoon

 “(There are many chickens that disagree about the innocence of raccoons).” -Kylli Berg

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