The Adventures of Chicky Chick: Volume Two


Were you expecting a poem? I’m afraid you shall be disappointed. For I am at this point in time more interested in Chicky Chick’s adventures. Perhaps Chicky Chick should become a poet………what would chickens write poetry about? Delicious bugs? I know, I know, you are all so happy I have brought to your attention a most important question, what would a chicken write poetry about, if a chicken could write poetry.

However, in this exciting edition of The Adventures of Chicky Chick, Chicky Chick shall pursue a different occupation…

Well, here is what you have all been waiting for. Another chicken story.

I hope you like reading it. (I liked writing it).

The Adventures of Chicky Chick: Volume Two

Chicky Chick Wishes for Freedom

Chicky Chick the Remarkable Explorer

The Great Explorer

It was a warm and food-filled day. The other 7 chicks were content with their life in the little green storage tub, but Chicky Chick dreamt of more. Chicky Chick dreamt of freedom. For many hours now, Chicky Chick had begun to think of what lay beyond their tub. Were these plastic walls and floors all there was to the world? No! Chicky Chick could not believe, would not believe, that this was all there was to life! Chicky Chick yearned for more. Her mind was made up. She would do what her sisters had not the strength to do. She would venture beyond these green plastic walls. She would leave her home. She would explore what lay beyond!

Chicky Chick’s brave thoughts were rudely interrupted by a strange, terrible sight. A giant stretch of shiny mesh was being stretched over the tub! Chicky Chick stood rooted to the spot in horror. Her plans were shattered before her eyes. Her dreams and hopes were broken into dust and swept away by the wind.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Chicky Chick chirped in terror.

Chicky Chick watched as the tub was completely covered by the wire mesh-almost. There was still a space at the end of the tub with nothing over it! Nothing was there to stop her from taking flight and hopping right out of the tub. How she was to get back in never crossed her mind.

Chicky Chick backed up to the opposite edge of the tub. She would need a running start if she was to fly high enough to clear the wall of the tub. She fixed her eyes determinedly on her goal. Nothing could stop her now. Chicky Chick took a deep breath and started running. The world seemed to slow around her as she started on what could very well be the greatest feat of her young life. Her heartbeat sounded loudly in her ears. One foot in front of the other. She was almost there. She passed the feeder. Her sisters abandoned their dinner to stare in uncertainty at Chicky Chick’s glorious feat of daring. Chicky Chick continued. Soon her dreams would be realized. Nothing stood between her and the wonderous thing we call freedom. She passed the waterer and tensed in preparation for flight. Time slowed to a crawl for Chicky Chick as she began to flap her wings. She was off the ground, she was flying, she was-

A large piece of plywood slid over the opening. Chicky Chick’s sisters watched as Chicky Chick flew straight at it, hitting it and falling to the ground. And in that long fall, Chicky Chick saw everything she had hoped for, everything she had worked so hard for, fall with her. Dreams of freedom, of exploring what lay beyond, turned to dust. There would be no “Chicky Chick the Great Explorer.” She would never return in triumph to lead her sisters out of the tub that was their prison, out into the wonderful world Chicky Chick knew in her heart lay beyond. It was all gone, vanquished by a single piece of wood. Her heart shattered into a million pieces as she fell. If chickens could cry, Chicky Chick would. Instead, Chicky Chick closed her eyes in sorrow and waited to hit the ground.

Hit the ground she did not, instead landing on top of her sister, Chirp Chirp. (Chirp Chirp was not pleased about her role in softening Chicky Chick’s fall, but that’s a different story). Chicky Chick struggled to her feet. Her heart broken, she stared in grim silence at the plywood that had sent her crashing back to earth. Chicky Chick was lost in mournful thoughts of hopes shattered.

Until the thought occurred to her that she was really quite hungry, and her sister Bawk Bawk was eating out of HER feed hole. This she could not let stand. Chicky Chick raised her head high in determination and ran over to inform her sister of her mistake, all thoughts of freedom and exploration gone.

So here our story ends, and the one chronicling Chicky Chick’s great adventures leaves the reader to contemplate the brief career of Chicky Chick the explorer. Will Chicky Chick ever escape? Is she destined to see nothing but the tub? What lies beyond the tub? Does chicken food taste good? I mean….um……bye.

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Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked my attempt at humor. It was amusing to write. Chicky Chick the Explorer…….(chuckles).

Now for a quote from one of previous poems, as always.

Hidden Again

“The sun peeks out,

throwing back the curtain made of clouds

to gaze upon the earth.” -Kylli Berg

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