A Warm Day


It was amazingly warm outside today, I felt like I could go swimming!

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but 50 degrees sure feels warm when it’s been cold enough to use the porch as a refrigerator for months. So, here is a poem about the great event of a warm day in early spring. I hope you like it.

A Warm Day

In the north,

when the snow is melting and the birds are singing,

there’s that one day,

that one wonderful day,

when the cold winds of winter retreat for a moment,

and the sun comes out,

and everyone looks at the weather and says,

“It’s 50 DEGREES! Let’s go outside without coats or jackets like it’s summer! It’s so warm out!”

And they scramble outside, blinking at the sunlight.

Kids ride bikes,

adults take long walks,

neighbors chat,

dogs bark happily,

and cars are washed for the first time in months.


all too soon,

the day is done,

and as the sun sets,

folks sit on their porches and sigh contentedly.

And although the next day it’s cold enough to snow,

and everyone shivers as they put on their heavy coats and scarves,

people say to each other,

“Wasn’t it nice yesterday?”

Photo by Luna Lovegood on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it.

Now, again, a quote from one of my earlier poems,

The Mistletoe

“I should be preparing for spring,

preparing for the time the sun will shine.” -Kylli Berg

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