There is so much snow everywhere, and I realize that probably you may think me crazy, here I am writing a poem abut it like you didn’t know all about it, but I wrote a poem about snow, and that’s that.

Hope you like it.


Snow is cold.

Snow is cold, and terrible in it’s arrogance,

for arrogant snow is,


arrogant in its sparkle,

it deceptively welcoming light, warm sunlight glinting off it,

turned cold, cold by the snow.

And I love the snow,

yes, yes,

love it,


as the years go by,

for the promise of sledding and snowballl fights,

but for the memories of such things,

memories lying in the coldly smiling snow.

And I hate the snow,


as the years go by,

for the future promises it brings,

of cold, weary, trudges to fill the birdfeeder for the birds flocking to greedily gobble up all the food they can find,

of the horrible things that surely there must be,

brought on by the snow,

which I cannot think of now,

for I do not, after all, hate the snow,

the snow with it’s beautiful sparkle,

the snow with the joy it brings to little children on Christmas Eve,


I do not hate the snow so much.

But I like summer quite well too.

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Now, once again, the words you know so well, here is a quote from one of my previous poems!


“Bright smiles

spring coming

hope flying

snow melting.” -Kylli Berg

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