The Mistletoe


I’m sure none of you ever let your Christmas decorations stay up too long.

Nobody does that.

Espeicially not me.


The Mistletoe

Christmas is long past,

the season-

it went by too fast,

I should be preparing for spring,

preparing for the time the sun will shine,

but my Christmas tree still stands tall on my porch,

the Christmas towels still hang on the oven and the dishwasher,

the mistletoe still hangs from the ceiling.

The Christmas tree will soon be put away (probably),

the Christmas towels shall be folded and tossed in a drawer,


I have a feeling

the mistletoe

will stay right where it is.

Photo by Donna Hamlet on

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it.

Now, again, I shall show you a quote from one of my previous poems, and give you the link to it, so you can read even MORE of my poetry. Is that awesome, or what?


Christmas Secrets

“Whispered secrets,

packages hastily hidden away,

a flurry of excitement is in the air.” -Kylli Berg

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