Christmas Secrets


Christmas is soon, so today I am showing you a poem I wrote about the experience of everyone getting gifts for each other and being very secretive about it.

I hope you like it!

Christmas Secrets

Whispered secrets,

packages hastily hidden away,

a flurry of excitement is in the air,

scissors and tape are in high demand around the house,

everyone scurrying about like a mouse,

experienced parents hiding presents in their closets,

independent teenagers (they think) who still need a ride to the store,

giggling children making their first attempt at giving rather than receiving,

and tiny babies who don’t care about anything except whether they can see their mama.

Photo by Lucie Liz on

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!

Now for a quote from one of my previous poems,


O Pie,

deliciousness in dough,

you graciously grace us with your gracious presence.” -Kylli Berg

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