Today I was inspired to write this poem. At first it was about flowers, then I realized how many flower names there are. Then it became about children too.

There are a lot of girl flower names out there, but not a lot of boy ones, so there are more girl names than boy names in this poem. I’ll let you figure out which ones are supposed to be the boy ones.

I hope you like it!


Flowers blossom,

bright red roses,

shining white lilies,

deep purple violets,

radiant daisies,

red and orange poppies,

pure white jasmines,

pale pink clovers,

purple-blue sage,

yellow or white yarrow,

flowers in a field,

or children in a park,

far away you cannot know,

listen close and watch them grow.

Photo by Tetyana Kovyrina on
Photo by Pixabay on

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!

Now a glance at a previous poem of mine,


“tiny hands

reach out

little eyes

open” -Kylli Berg

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