When I first started this blog, I said I would be posting some short stories along with my poems. Now I am going to live up to that, with a short story I wrote just a little while ago.

I hope you like it.


The Girl stared out at the cold grey sky, as if she thought if she looked hard enough she might see a dragon, or a spaceship, or an adventure waiting to happen. That adventure waited all right, it waited until the Girl was no longer a Girl, it waited until she was a Woman.

The Woman was married and now she was going on the adventure she had always dreamed of…. ..she was going to have a Baby. So she battled dirty diapers, wiped away tears, and watched as her little Baby learned how to walk.

Then her little Baby became a Kid, running around, getting dirty, and making noise. But the Woman soldiered on, she had the title of Mother. So she taught the three R’s, steadied bicycles, and put Band-Aids on skinned knees.

But then, the Kid became a Teenager and the Mother had to face her fiercest enemies yet. So she battled mood swings and attitudes, pimples and grumbles, texting and video games, until……………..

The Teenager became an Adult and the Adult got married and had Kids of her own……..

And the Girl who became a Woman who became a Mother, became a Grandma and soon another Girl was staring out at the sky…

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Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!

Anyway, it’s time for a quote from on of my earlier poems,

Defiance at the Sun Streaked Sky

“Love is the sky, forever protecting.” -Kylli Berg

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