Scared or Scaring


It’s getting to be close to halloween and I’ve been doing the Haunted Forest.

The Haunted Forest is kind of a haunted house, only it’s a forest, so every year I go scare people as one of the volunteer scarers.

It’s a lot of fun, so today I’ll be posting a poem I wrote about the Haunted Forest and the experience of scaring.

I hope you like it!

Scared or Scaring

The bright light fades away,

bringing the dark in it’s stead,

it’s almost time to scare!

You hear the screams,

they’re not far off,

it’s almost time to scare!

You look into the dark,

scared by loneliness,

laughing with joyfulness,

it’s almost time to scare!


get in position,

put on your mask,

hide in the shadows,

it’s time to scare!

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Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!

Now for a quote from one of my earlier poems,


“Trapped, torn away from the fabric of the world, locked in a cage of your own devising.” -Kylli Berg

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