That’s how I feel right now because I just got a bunch of new followers!

I am really happy about this, and would like to thank all of you that went ahead and pushed that follow button!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering by now, “Is she going to keep talking about this the whole day?”

Never fear, poetry is here!


I thought excitement was jumping up and down,

shouting your joy to the world,

never staying silent,

a dramatic confusion,

a passion,

a rage.

Yet perhaps excitement could be that untroubled smile,

that quiet wildness,

that special secret nobody knows.

Perhaps it could be something more.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com

Thanks for reading this, I hope you liked it!

“Sometimes I forget myself in a book. And when I have to stop reading it takes me a minute to remember where I am. Or who I am.” -Anonymous

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